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Electric Utilities

Pushing your transmission network operations closer to its true limits with GridOS® Digital Dynamic Line Rating

GridOS® Digital Dynamic Line Rating

Increasing volumes of renewable energies can create complex issues for grid operators to manage such as congestions and curtailments. Dynamic ratings methodology considers ambient factors such as temperature and wind to dynamically adjust the line capacity as opposed to more conservative approaches (static, seasonal). This new solution can greatly expand line capacity leading to superior renewables integration. Learn more how GridOS Digital DLR, as a new 100% digital product without any field sensor installation, supports grid operators in securely pushing its utilisation closer to true limits without compromising the grid security.



Minh Dupuis
Senior Digital Product Manager
GE Vernova

Rony Chacko
Senior Solution Architect
GE Vernova

Roberto Campetti (Moderator)
Senior Solution Architect
GE Vernova