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Future of Energy: Digital for Coal-Fired Plants

Future of Energy: Digital for Coal-Fired Plants | GE Digital white paper

The global power system is in the early days of a massive transformation, and coal is at the center of the change. Availability and use of renewable energy generation, such as wind and solar power, is on the rise. But the fluctuating nature of these sources creates challenges for power and utility companies that need to continue running coal plants for their economic advantages or because of a lack of alternatives.

Over the next decade, there will be $1.3 trillion of value to be captured in the digital transformation of electricity. But, challenges abound.  

  • North America: Between 2% and 12% of coal plant retirements have been predicted by 2025.
  • Europe: There has been a long-term decline in the use of coal for energy in the EU overall since 2000. 
  • China: The energy source mix is changing faster than expected.
  • India: Growth in industrial activity, population, economic prosperity and urbanization along with per-capita energy consumption will continue to drive increases in power demand for years to come.

Regardless of where a nation falls on the transformation spectrum, power generators and utilities that rely on coal-fired power plants must adapt to support the new energy mix.

Are you prepared?

Download this white paper to learn more.