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Forrester Insight: Guidance on Cloud-Based OT Data Management

Forrester Cloud-Based OT Data Management

Get expert guidance from industry analyst Forrester Research on cloud-based OT data management.

According to Forrester, the future’s bright when it comes to OT data. With the right planning, processes, technology, and people, a wealth of OT data will be unlocked and put to work.

Properly harnessed, cloud adoption and OT to IT convergence in the manufacturing industry enables agility, improves productivity, reduces consumption of energy and other resources, reduces waste, improves sustainability, extends the effective life of expensive industrial equipment, and increases profitability. But none of this will happen overnight, and all of it requires planning and investment.

Putting big data models to work in smart manufacturing operations may involve coordination of IoT systems, cloud-based computing infrastructure, applications, and services, as well as business analytics adoption for IT solutions to thrive in collaboration with OT teams.

Cloud-based databases are part of the solution, but so too are everything from upskilling programs for the front-line workforce to modernization of key industrial assets, harmonization and management of data formats and processes, and building of relationships with key partners.

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Traditionally, to meet the needs of industrial users, operational historians on-prem stored and retrieved the massive amounts of OT data generated by their equipment and processes. Furthermore, many of these industrial users paid up to 90% higher costs for a competitive historian compared to GE Digital’s analyst-recommended historian.


With the only Native Cloud service for a historian, GE Digital is significantly reducing the costs of deployment and maintenance, eliminating disruptions due to upgrades, and easily aggregating data across industrial plants for enterprise-wide optimization.

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GE Aviation uses Proficy Historian to manage OT data in 32 manufacturing plants. “Managing this amount of data is costly,” said Bill Andrews, Technical Product Manager, GE Aviation. “By moving from 32 distinct deployments to a single deployment of Proficy Historian on AWS, we can dramatically reduce management costs and downtime while improving value, scalability, and reliability.”


The company expects to reduce infrastructure costs by more than 20% and annual resources by $185K. The team will also improve system availability by eliminating more than a month of planned downtime and enabling a common data store accessible by thousands of enterprise-wide employees.

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