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FERC 881 Compliance: Getting ready the right way

FERC 881 Compliance: Getting ready the right way

Navigating FERC Order 881 compliance can be complex, but our experts break it down for you in this webinar featuring speakers from GE Vernova and Infosys Limited. Watch the recording to learn how to build an integrated solution for complying with FERC Order 881. Preparing for FERC 881 compliance the right way can improve efficiency and mitigate grid congestion costs. Our speakers discuss the key considerations for transmission owners and ISOs/RTOs when developing a solution for 881 compliance and showcase innovations that not only facilitate compliance with forthcoming FERC 881 requirements but also enable you to harness the latest digital technology for enhanced line rating calculation and seamless data integration with ISOs/RTOs.

Watch the webinar to:

  • Learn minimum requirements to meet FERC Order 881
  • Understand challenges and opportunities associated with FERC Order 881 compliance
  • Understand the value of developing an integrated compliance roadmap for FERC Order 881
  • Learn about Line Rating solutions based on Ambient Adjusted Rating (AAR) and Digital Dynamic Line Rating (D-DLR) and Data Integration solution based on Limit Exchange Portal (LEP)



Srikanth Srinivasan
AVP & Global Leader- Energy Transition
Infosys Limited

Dragan Trifunovic
Technical Product Manager
GE Vernova

Dan King
Senior Sales Manager
GE Vernova

Matthew Lenzini
Senior Principal
Infosys Consulting

Doug Phillips (Moderator)
Senior Director, Product Marketing
GE Vernova