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A Digital Approach to On-Demand Manufacturing

A Digital Approach to On-Demand Production white paper | GE Digital

Manufacturers can’t afford to delay implementing a digital MES strategy.  

Failure to implement robust digital capabilities into your production facilities puts you at a distinct competitive disadvantage. In 2015, 84% of industrial companies said they believe data analytics have the power to shift the competitive landscape. In fact, the number one fear of companies being unable to implement a data-driven strategy is that competitors will gain market share at their expense.

The Aberdeen Group reported in 2015 that 68% of manufacturers suffer from excessive costs related to materials, labor, packaging, and shipping. For the most part, these added expenses are due to waste resulting from rework, un-scheduled asset downtime, maintenance, and late shipments.

Predictive analytics have the power to help reduce all of these issues.

Read about strategies to tackle today's manufacturing challenges. Download the white paper today.

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Reach manufacturing excellence through Industrial IoT insights and intelligence.

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Maximize overall equipment effectiveness (OEE), improve production scheduling, and ensure product quality by leveraging real-time production data.

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Consolidate and transform manufacturing data across plants for cloud storage, analysis, and analytics.

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