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Electric Utilities

Network-based GIS & ADMS Integration at Energy Queensland & Top Energy

31 mins


  • David Beasley

    David Beasley

    Solution Architect,

    Energy Queensland

  • Matthew Kennedy

    Matthew Kennedy

    Project Manager,

    Top Energy

  • Roberto Campetti

    Roberto Campetti

    ADMS Product Manager,

    GE Digital

  • Jennifer Reeves

    Jennifer Reeves

    Principal Digital Product Manager,

    GE Digital

Video details

Learn about these companies journey to deliver a consistent, shared network model across the enterprise.

When integrating GIS and ADMS electric utilities are particularly challenged by data issues, namely data quality and the business process around getting data into the network model and keeping it clean. Successful integration delivers Network Model Orchestration:

  • A single network model across a common data fabric,
  • Improved data quality governance, and
  • A path to a self-learning model for T&D

Hear from David Beasley, Solution Architect at Energy Queensland and Matthew Kennedy, Project Manager at Top Energy about their companies’ journey to optimize the integration between their ADMS and GIS to deliver a single source of truth across the enterprise—a consistent and shared network model representing the as-built and as-operated statuses.