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Development Tools and Techniques for Profiling Performance on Smallworld 5

30 mins


  • Glenda Simons

    Glenda Simons

    Senior Technical Product Manager


  • Lawrence Bond

    Lawrence Bond

    Software Engineer


  • Hardus DeToit

    Hardus DeToit

    Senior Software Engineer


Video details

Smallworld Technical Webinars are aimed at technical developers and implementation experts who are experienced with Smallworld. The webinars will cover various topics related to the Smallworld 5 solution in order to share developer experiences, best practices and introduce new tools and techniques now available on the 5 platform.

The webinar series aims run quarterly with the first two sessions in close succession.

Key topics:

  1. Tools and techniques used for profiling performance on Smallworld 5
  2. Tools and techniques for development: infraction checker and debugger
  3. Parallel VMDS on Smallworld 5
  4. Continuous release cycle of Smallworld 5