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Proficy HMI / SCADA

Consolidate SCADA Systems for a Connected Enterprise

Consolidate SCADA systems

How to Decrease Costs, Increase Visibility & Improve Cybersecurity

How many SCADA systems are you maintaining across your enterprise? What are the costs and risks associated with your automation software?

Watch this video to hear from a SCADA expert on the steps to:

  • Uncover your costs and risks from multiple SCADA systems
  • Maximize SCADA system security and minimize SCADA attacks
  • Enable remote operators, plant managers, and centralized experts with enterprise SCADA
  • Achieve better OT operational visibility and insights
  • Calculate ROI to modernize and standardize
  • Future proof with cloud SCADA, scalability, remote operations, and mobility while meeting the needs of edge manufacturing

Part of the “OT Insights for IT” series from GE Digital, this video discusses how to decrease costs, increase visibility and improve cybersecurity with modern, consolidated manufacturing automation systems and utilities automation systems.

Web SCADA and Remote Monitoring & Control

Control room

Watch this 2-minute video to see how Centralized Operations Centers increase efficiency and productivity through remote, web SCADA capabilities. 


Centralizing operations enables organizations with large sites or multiple locations to centralize operational views and enable remote access to information and control to support site operations – increasing efficiency and reducing downtime. Additionally, plant managers can compare operations across the entire enterprise, enabling better planning and production control.

The richest SCADA capabilities to improve your enterprise operations

  • Secure-by-design data collection from anywhere to monitor, control and analyze your processes
  • Native and HTML5-based visualization: Build High Performance HMI and dashboards
  • Build complex alarming systems with notifications
  • Extensibility: Python, .NET and VB Scripting, APIs for customized and optimized advanced configuration and data acquisition and alarm toolkits
  • Enterprise setups including cloud/hybrid support
  • Historization to SQL and Proficy Historian with historical graphical playback capabilities (DGR)
  • Redundancy including 24/7 uptime for High Availability
  • Reporting: KPIs, operations dashboards and compliance data at your fingertips


Based on decades of GE's research and development, CIMPLICITY is the SCADA of choice for the world's largest organizations.

New York City Transit: 1.5 Million I/O Points!

New York City Transit

Largest Subway in N America Improves Service and Safety

  • 98% decrease in exposure to danger with centralized operations
  • Zero unnecessary field investigations
  • 80% faster detection & resolution of anomalies
  • Digitized playback for analysis, optimization, and historical records
  • Improved upper management visibility into operations

Let GE Digital show you how modern SCADA can help your operations