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Food & Beverage, CPG

Close the Productivity Gap with Overall Equipment Effectiveness

Food & Beverage manufacturing is aided by GE Digital MES software

What is your OEE?

OEE for the bottom-performing 70% of food and beverage (F&B) manufacturers is 74% while for the top-performing 30% of F&B manufacturers it is 89%, according to a study conducted by Aberdeen Group. This indicates that top OEE performers earn leader status. 

According to the same study, the aggregate of all F&B manufacturers’ OEE is 80%, which leaves a great deal of room for improvement for most companies to produce more with their existing equipment.

The good news is you can close this opportunity gap. With today’s technology solutions powered by the Industrial Internet, you have the ability to connect disparate data, leverage analytics, and gain visibility into your operations to ensure your assets are operating as they should—at every step of the process competition.  

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