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Electric Utilities

Building The Modern Control Room

Building modern control room webinar

Distribution utilities face tougher challenges today than ever before – especially with increased renewables and DER penetration, electrification, and severe weather. These factors make it immensely difficult for distribution grids to ensure resiliency and reliability.

So what's the best way to address these challenges?

It starts in the control room. Distribution control rooms need software solutions that unlock a proactive, prescriptive, and automated approach to grid management.

This webinar will examine the essentials of the modern distribution control room, with specific emphasis on reassessed roles and processes (e.g. data and information visualization, user experience, mobility, exception-based control, and decentralization). Takeaways will include:

  • The distribution grid's primary challenges and how they’re shaping control room needs
  • How a modern control room can help you properly balance the grid, recover faster from disruptions, maintain overall reliability and resiliency, and more
  • The role of cutting-edge technologies like analytics, AI and machine learning, cloud, edge computing, and more
  • How you can create a truly modern control room within your distribution utility