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Beyond Equipment Automation: The Case for Digital Transformation

Beyond Equipment Automation FSO Roundtable

Get the highlights from this GE Digital and FSO Institute roundtable on the case for digital transformation that moves beyond equipment automation.

Learnings include best practices, pitfalls to avoid, and steps manufacturers can take for digital transformation success. Also, explore the four steps of digital transformation:

  • Defining digital transformation
  • Identifying critical success factors during project implementation
  • Understanding key benchmarks along the project journey
  • Identifying solutions and defining successful outcomes

Discover the evolutionary process of integrating digital technologies and solutions across the people, process, and technology within an organization to make the business smarter, more flexible, and more profitable.

See digital transformation in action

Global references | Food & Beverage manufacturers | GE Digital SCADA and MES software

30+ customer stories in F&B

With rapidly changing consumer preferences, tighter regulatory requirements and rising commodity prices, Food & Beverage manufacturers are under pressure.


See how GE Digital has helped F&B manufacturers grow revenues and operating margins while cutting costs. With decades of industry experience and innovation, GE Digital is the proven partner of choice for F&B manufacturers around the world.

Explore GE's software for digital transformation

GE Digital's MES software for manufacturers helps optimize operationsGE Digital's MES software for manufacturers helps optimize operations
Industrial Software

Proficy Smart Factory - MES Solutions

Reach manufacturing excellence through Industrial IoT insights and intelligence.

Proficy Historian | Data Historian | GE Digital
Industrial Software

Proficy Historian

Powerful industrial time-series data collection for on-premise and cloud-based storage and analysis

HMI/SCADA software in use in industrial operations
Industrial Software

Proficy HMI / SCADA

Drive smarter operator decisions with model-based high performance HMI for faster response and development.