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The Advantages of Plant Wide Historians Versus Relational Databases

Advantages of Plant-Wide Historians Versus Relational Databases | GE Digital | Thumbnail

In an increasingly competitive environment, companies need to gain a sustainable advantage by achieving operational excellence, a journey that begins with data for process visibility.

The vast amount of information continually increases, and it’s imperative for companies to truly understand and control their manufacturing operations by efficiently collecting critical data and maximizing its value. Optimized data enables better and faster decision-making, increased productivity and reduced costs.

Relational databases are built to manage relationships and are ideal for storing contextual or genealogical information about manufacturing processes, but are rarely the best approach for vast amounts of process data collection and optimization. On the other hand, plant-wide historians are designed for manufacturing and process data acquisition and presentation. 

Learn the advantages of plant-wide historians over RDBs for data collection and time-series data optimization to enable true process visibility.

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Powerful industrial time-series data collection

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Historian is a best-in-class historian software solution that collects industrial time-series and A&E data at very high speed, stores it efficiently and securely, distributes it, and allows for fast retrieval and analysis —driving greater business value. With decades of experience and thousands of successful customer installations around the world, Historian changes the way companies perform and compete by making data available for asset and process performance analysis.