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10 Tips to Designing and Structuring a Modern HMI/SCADA System for Better Operational Performance

Control room

Water and wastewater professionals are constantly facing the challenge of finding the right balance between availability, reliability, risk, and cost. How can they reduce cost without compromising availability? How can they mitigate risks while maintaining costs under control?

The goal of the webinar is to help water and wastewater professionals to identify where gaps might exist in their current automation implementation and how to reduce operating costs while maintaining a high level of service, better comply with evolving regulatory standards, and increase field operator efficiency.

The program will also describe how managers can use this control layer as a foundation for their digital transformation and be prepared for the future.

Watch today and learn how to:

  1. Evaluate the maturity level of their application based on the criteria presented during the webinar
  2. Identify the key opportunities for improvement at the automation & control system level
  3. Use our list of tips to help develop actionable programs

Watch this on-demand webinar today.

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