MTConnect Overview

  • MTConnect standardizes manufacturing equipment (CNC machine) data in a structured non-proprietary format.
  • It specifies a data model which is designed for any type of CNC machines like milling machines, lathes, grinding machines, 3D printers etc.
  • It uses standards like HTTP(S) based on TCP/IP for transportation and XML for encoding of the data.

The following picture shows on how the MTConnect OPC UA Server, the Agents and the devices are structured:

The configuration parameters to connect to the MTConnect Agents (their URI and OPC UA browse name) has to be done 'manually' in the MTConnect Server Configuration Tool.

The configuration of the MTConnect Agents itself (their device, component and data item configuration) takes place automatically by requesting these information via the so-called Probe request by the MTConnect Server Background process..

A single MTConnect Device or Component can expose one or multiple data items. These data items are classified into Samples, Events and Conditions.