Enable Storage of Future Data

Before you begin

Ensure that you have a mechanism to generate future data that you want to store in Historian.

About this task

By default, Historian stores up to 1200 seconds of future data. However, if you enable storage of future data, you can store data up to the following timestamp: 03:14:07 on Tuesday, 19 January, 2038. This topic describes how to enable storage of future data.


  1. For each data store for which you want to store future data:
    1. Enable the ihArchiverAllowFutureDataWrites option.
      Tip: You can perform this step using the sample programs or Command Line.
    2. Enable the ihArchiveCreateOfflineArchive option.

      This is to avoid receiving an outside-active-hours error. It happens if you attempt to store data when the current archive file is set to read-only.

      Tip: You can perform this step using Command Line.
  2. For each collector that sends data to the data store, set the Time Assigned By property to Source.
    Note: You can perform this step only for the OPC Data Access, OPCUA Data Access, and OPC HDA collectors.


Future data is now stored in Historian. You can retrieve the data using any of the available options such as Historian Administrator, Rest APIs, Excel Add-In, and the Historian Interactive SQL application (ihsql.exe).