About the Historian User API

The Historian User API provides high-speed read/write access to Historian data and read access to Historian tags. There is no access to archives, alarms, events, or messages.

Use this API to develop applications that read and write data to the Historian server when the Historian SDK and Historian OLE DB do not meet your project requirements for performance or programming language.

Note: At this time, the Historian User API supports single-byte strings only.

Sample programs are provided with the API that demonstrate how to perform common tasks. Additional information can be found in comments in the sample code and API header.

No guidance is given regarding application conversion from other products or APIs, including converting from the Historian SDK.

To use this API, you must be familiar with the Historian features and functionality. Refer to the Historian electronic books for product information. This is especially important if you are using security groups with Historian, since the applications that call into the User API are limited by the security access granted at the server level.