About Measuring Performace of Proficy Historian

You can use the Windows Performance Counters to measure activity and performance of the Data Archivers. The Counters are more familiar to the system administrators and monitors the following Historian information.
  • Read rates
  • Side by side with non-Historian counters such as CPU usage or handle
  • Thread counts
The following topics provide the objects and counters most useful for measuring and describing the system activity. The counters that are specified in the following topics are a subset of all the available counters.
  • The Historian Advanced Topics documentation is not a replacement of the documentation for the full set of counters. Examples contained in each topic of this documentation use the counters to produce other measurements. Sometimes, the measurement number that you want is not exposed as a single counter. However, the number can be a combination of counters or a comparison of two counters.
  • The counters only describe the behavior of the Data Archiver. For more information about troubleshooting and optimizing performance using the Historian and Windows counters, refer to the appropriate Historian documentation.