Removing a Data Collector from a Historian Server

About this task

If you restructure your system architecture or rearrange nodes for any reason, you may need to remove a data collector from an Historian Server.


  1. In the Historian Administrator Main screen, click the Collectors link.
    The Collector Maintenance screen appears.
  2. In the list of collectors, select the collector you want to delete.
  3. Click Delete.

    You are asked whether to delete the tags associated with the collector. Selecting Yes removes all tags using that collector's interface name (name matching that of the collector being deleted), but not the data for those tags. It is recommended that you select No. This allows you to resume collection of the tags later.

    Note: Prior to deleting tags, it is recommended to export the tags associated with the collector name to a spreadsheet using the Excel Add-In and then save the spreadsheet for future reference. For more information on exporting tags with the Excel Add-In, refer to Using the Historian Excel Add-In > Exporting Tags.