Running Collectors as Console Applications

About this task

You can run data collectors either as Windows services or as console applications. The standard procedure, described in this manual, is to run collectors as services. This allows the application to start automatically when you start the PC and allows you to start and stop the application through the Windows Control Panel. You can also configure them to start automatically when you start the system or, in the case of iFIX Collectors, whenever you start iFIX.

Running a collector as a console application can be convenient in some situations, especially during initial configuration, since you can configure all system components and parameters before you start the collector.


  1. Click the Windows Start button.
  2. Select Proficy Historian 5.1pau from the programs menu.
  3. Click the function you want to perform, such as Start an OPC Collector. The collector starts operating.
    Note: When a collector is paused or properly terminated, the archiver inserts an End of Collection marker. This is required for proper calculation of interpolated values for reporting. Using End Task or clicking the Close Window button in the collector's console to terminate the collector will not produce an End of Collection marker and will result in unexpected values in calculated data and/or non-zero plotline representation of data in charting applications.