Troubleshooting the Cloud Collectors

Cloud collectors generates logs during initialization, configuration, and general operation just like regular Historian Data Collectors. These can be found in the general logging folder C:\Proficy Historian Data\LogFiles.

Troubleshoot the collector using one or more of the following:
  • Examining the log files for information.
  • Examining the Windows Event Viewer for error/warnings.
    To enable additional logging for troubleshooting:
    • From the Start menu, select Run and enter Regedit
    • Open the following key folder: HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE\SOFTWARE\Intellution,Inc.\iHistorian\Services\CloudCollector\<entry>
    • Double-click or create DebugMode DWORD key.
    • Select Base as Decimal.
    • In the Value data field, type 255.
    • Click OK.
    • Close the Registry Editor.

      An ihapi log also should be created in the same LogFiles folder when debug mode is set to 255. If this log is missing, ensure the key exists: Create a string key called ‘LOGFILEPATH’ in location: HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE\SOFTWARE\Wow6432Node\GE Digital\iHistorian\Services.

      Set the value of this key to the LogFiles folder, typically set to ‘C:\Proficy Historian Data\LogFiles’

      Once a proper connection is established to the cloud, an entry similar to below is added to the collector log:

      ConnectionStateChange: [cloud|wss://xx/v1/stream/messages|configServer=xx|identityissuer=xx/oauth/token|clientid=app-client-id|clientsecret=xxxx|zoneid=xxx|dpattributes=|proxy=xx] [Connected]

      When debug mode is set, the ihapi log also shows values being sent to cloud in below format:

      [** Sending to Cloud:] [{"body":[{"name":"G2UA6021FP7E.Simulation00001","datapoints":[[1532371358000,144468.515625000,3]]},{"name":"G2UA6021FP7E.Simulation00002","datapoints":[[1532371358000,63344.218750000,3]]},{"name":"G2UA6021FP7E.Simulation00003","datapoints":[[1532371358000,193340.859375000,3]]},{"name":"G2UA6021FP7E.Simulation00001","datapoints":[[1532371359000,108999.906250000,3]]},{"name":"G2UA6021FP7E.Simulation00003","datapoints":[[1532371359000,60097.050781250,3]]},{"name":"G2UA6021FP7E.Simulation00002","datapoints":[[1532371359000,48536.636718750,3]]}] ,"messageId":496 ,"statusCode":0}]

      This shows the tagname, timestamp, value, and quality of data being sent to cloud.

      Acknowledged messages from cloud are reported in the api debug log as below. This entry contains the number of samples sent/acknowledged for the corresponding message id.

      In ihAPIServerCloud::ReceivedMsg() MsgNum =[496] status =[202] Samples=[6] Size=[580]. ThreadId =[0x6ca0]

      Failed to acknowledge messages are automatically resent to the cloud. Resend is attempted at the most 10 times, once in every 2 minutes. If FailedMsgQueueEnabled is set to 0, failed to send message to the cloud may get purged.