Uninstalling a Historian Data Collector

Before you begin

Note: Uninstalling of data collectors will clear the registry. If you have modified any of the registry entries, ensure that you export the registry entries on your local machine. Once the collector(s) are reinstalled, you can use the exported registry entries while reconfiguring the registry.

About this task

To remove the data collector software from your computer, but leave the rest of the Historian software:


  1. Insert the Historian install DVD on the computer you designate as a collector node and run the install program.
  2. Navigate to the Collectors screen,
  3. Deselect the collectors that you want to uninstall. If you are uninstalling legacy collectors, uncheck the collectors in the Legacy collectors screen.
  4. Click Next and proceed with the installation. This will uninstall the selected collectors after the installation is complete.
    For information on uninstalling OPC Data Collectors, refer to OPC Data Collectors > Modifying and Uninstalling OPC Collectors .