Setting Up Historian Security Groups

About this task

This section describes how to add the Historian Security Groups to your local and domain Windows security systems.
You can choose whether Historian uses LOCAL or DOMAIN security by selecting an option on the Security tab of the Data Store Maintenance screen in the Historian Administrator. If you select the local security option, the groups are defined as local groups on the Historian server. If you select the Domain security option, the groups are defined as global groups in the primary domain controller of the Historian server. With domain security, Historian locates the Primary Domain Controller (PDC), if available, or a Backup Domain Controller (BDC) in order to establish groups. If the PDC and all BDCs are unavailable, the system locks all users out until rights can be established with a valid PDC or BDC.
Note: If you change this setting, you must stop and re-start the Historian server for this change to take effect.