About Protecting Your Process

If you want to restrict access to Historian archives, files, and tags, or protect your data files from unauthorized changes, you can enable Historian security. Using security is optional and is disabled by default. By enabling security, you can restrict access to the following:
  • Modifying data using the Excel Add-In
  • Updating security for individual tags or groups of tags
  • Creating, modifying, and removing tags
  • Tag protection (adding, modifying, removing, and so on) can be applied at a global level to all tags or at the individual tag level.

    Refer to Implementing Tag Level Security for more information.

  • Reading data in the iFIX Chart object, Excel Add-In, and Migration Utilities
  • Writing data
  • Starting and stopping collectors
  • Creating and deleting collectors
  • Creating, modifying, and deleting archives

Historian uses the operating system security groups to create a security structure. You enable security for a particular set of functions by adding specific Historian Security Groups to your groups. You can also add security groups to your domain controller. Refer to the Security Tab section in the Historian Administrator Manual for information on selecting local or domain security groups.

By defining one or all of the groups, you begin to set up a security structure. Refer to the Historian Security Groups section for more information on the Historian Security Groups available.