Installing the Historian Administrator

You must run the Client Tools install before installing the Historian Administrator. In addition, during the Client Tools installation, Historian Administrator is selected by default and is installed along with the Client Tools. If you want to install the Historian Administrator at a later time, deselect the check box before continuing with the Client Tools installation.

About this task

You can install a Historian Administrator on any node that connects to the Server through a Historian API.


  1. Run the Historian install.
    The Historian Splash screen appears.

    If this screen does not appear, double-click the InstallLauncher.exe file on the ISO or DVD to display it.

  2. Click the Install Client Tools link.
    The Select Features screen appears.
  3. Click Run.
    The Welcome screen appears.
  4. When the Install Wizard appears, select the Historian Administrator option in addition to any previously installed Historian components, and then click Next.
    The program installs the Historian Administrator and any other components associated with it, including the API. If you prefer, you can install the Historian Administrator at the same time you install other options, by selecting all desired options at once.
    Note: If you intend to run all components (Historian Server, Collectors, and Client tools) on a single computer, choose Install Historian on the splash screen and proceed with the installation wizard.