Filtering Data Queries in the Excel Add-in

About this task

You can enter your filter conditions using Filter tag, Filter Comparison Mode, and Filter Comparison Value or you can put that all that information in a single FilterExpression. You can enter the filter conditions in the FilterExpression field of the Historian Data Query dialog box. The filter conditions are passed within single quotes.

To find the values of the ramp tag for the B1 batch, enter the following values into the Historian Filtered Data Query dialog box:


  1. In the Tag Name(s) field, enter the tag you want to receive results from - the ramp tag in this example.
  2. Select a start and end time for your query.
  3. In the Filter Tag field, enter the tag you want to enable filtering with - batchid in this example.
  4. In the Filter Comparison field, select your comparison condition.
  5. n the Include Data Where Value Is field, enter your filter condition value.
  6. In the Include Times field, select your filter mode.
  7. In the Sampling Type field, select your sampling mode.
  8. In the Calculation field, select your calculation mode.
  9. Select your Sampling Interval.
  10. In the Output Display field, select the tag values you want to display.