Filtered Queries in the Excel Add-in Example

This example shows how a filtered data query returns specific data from the Historian archive. The example uses two tags: batchid and ramp. The batchid tag is updated before a new batch is produced with the new batch's ID. The ramp tag contains raw data sent by a device in the process. In this example, it is requested that Historian return data samples at ten second intervals for the ramp tag during the period that the batchid tag is set to B1.
A standard query in Historian for the ramp tag's values between 08:00 and 08:01, at ten second intervals, would look like this:
Time StampValueData Quality
07/30/2003 08:00:1016Good
07/30/2003 08:00:2022Good
07/30/2003 08:00:3034Good
07/30/2003 08:00:4046Good
07/30/2003 08:00:5050Good
07/30/2003 08:01:0055Good
If we perform a query against the batchid tag for the same time interval, we would receive the following results:
Time StampValueData Quality
07/30/2003 08:00:00B0Good
07/30/2003 08:00:20B1Good
07/30/2003 08:00:45B2Good