OPC UA DA Collector Feature Summary

The following table outlines the features of the OPC UA DA Collector.

Table 1. DA Collector Features
Browse Source for Tags Yes (on an OPC UA Server that supports browsing)
Browse Source for Tag Attributes Yes
Polled Collection Yes Minimum Poll Interval 100 ms
Unsolicited Collection *Yes
Timestamp Resolution 1ms
Accept Device Timestamps Yes
Floating Point Data Yes
Integer Data Yes
String DataYes
Binary Data Yes
Python Expression TagsYes
Note: If you are using an OPC UA DA Collector with unsolicited data collection and have collector compression disabled, all new values should produce an exception. When the OPC UA DA Collector is doing unsolicited collection, the deadband percentage is determined by the collector deadband percent. You can only configure the collector deadband percent by enabling compression.

You must set Time Assigned by field to Source if you have unsolicited tags getting data from an OPC UA DA Collector.