Installing an OPC UA DA Collector

About this task

Note: If you intend to install to Predix Cloud, do not follow this process. Refer to the Historian Getting Started Guide for Cloud information and related configuration settings.
Note: You should upgrade to latest version of Historian Administrator or Web Admin Client by upgrading the Client Tool or Historian Server for OPC UA DA Collector.

You can install the OPC UA DA Collector using the Historian product DVD under the Historian Collectors section. The OPC UA DA Collector consists of System API, Collector Toolkit, and OPC UA DA Collector components. For more information on data collectors, refer to the Historian Data Collectors - General Manual.

This process requires a Unified Resource Identifier (URI), which is a superset of the Uniform Resource Locator (URL). You must have the OPC UA Server URI (not URL) to which the client is connecting. It is provided by your OPC UA Server vendor.


  1. Insert the Historian DVD and click Historian Collectors.
    The Historian Collectors page appears.
  2. Check the OPC UA DA Collector check box and then click Next.
    The Provide the OPC UA Server URI screen appears.
  3. Enter the OPC UA Server URI (not URL) in this field and then click Next.
    The Is Your Destination a Historian or the Predix Cloud? screen appears.
  4. Select Historian and click Next.
  5. Enter the name of the Historian Server and click Next.
    The installer indicates that it is ready to install this collector.
  6. Click Install. The OPC UA DA Collector is installed.