Adding a Client Certificate to the Trusted List

About this task

When Secured Connectivity is enabled between the OPC UA Server and the OPC UA DA Collector, a Client Certificate must be added to the OPC UA Server's Trusted certificates list.


  1. Start the OPC UA Server in secured mode. (The OPC UA DA Collector does not start.)
  2. Locate the local/remote server's install location on the machine where the OPC UA server is running. Usually, it is \ProgramFile\OPC UA Server Name.
  3. Locate the Rejected folder.
  4. Locate the client certificate within the Rejected folder.
  5. Copy and paste the certificate into the Trusted list for the OPC UA Server. To locate the folder with the Trusted certificate, refer to your OPC UA Server documentation.
  6. Restart the OPC UA DA Collector.