The OPC UA DA Collector generates log files during initialization, configuration, and general operation. These can be found in the general logging folder C:\Proficy Historian Data\LogFiles

Troubleshooting Tips

In case the collector does not connect to OPC UA server or tags are not displayed:

  • Ensure that the certificate is added to Trusted list following Adding a Client Certificate to the Trusted List section.
  • Ensure that you have provided a valid User name and Password credentials
  • Restart the collector whenever there is any change made to the configuration using Historian Administrator or ClientConfig.ini
  • Check that secured Connectivity is true and Enable User security is checked to have connection with User Authentication.
  • Ensure that the Souce Server supports Security Policy and Security Mode whenever user sees ?Matching of secure endpoint not available between server and collector error message in the Log File.
  • Ensure that the RetryInitialConnect and AutomaticReconnect parameters are set to true in the ClientConfig.ini file.