Viewing Command History and Canceling Pending Commands for a Single Device

About this task

Use the selected device's Commands tab to view its command history. You can also cancel pending commands and download output from the device.


  1. In the left navigation pane, select Device Manager.
  2. From the device list, click a device link to view its command history.
  3. Click the Commands tab.
    If commands have been sent to the device, the Commands History list shows commands issued to the device, including the command status, start time, end time, and result.
    • Name – Displays the commands issued to the device.
    • Status – Displays the status for the issued command.
      Status messages include:
      • Pending – All commands have a pending status before a command begins executing.
      • Success – The command succeeded.
      • In Progress – When one or more commands begins progress, and some commands are successful, some are pending, and no failure occurs, a number displays how many are still incomplete, for example, In Progress (4).
      • Failed – The command failed.
        Note: If the installation script for the package saves messages to a status file, the Failed status is a clickable link, which launches a window with a message about why the command failed,
      • Canceled – The command was canceled.
      • Unknown – The status is unknown.
    • Start/End – Displays the start and end timestamps for the executed commands.
    • Execution Logs – Once the command has a status of "Finished," you can click the details link to view the detailed log for the command execution.
      Note: This feature is not supported on some devices, in which case, "Not available" is displayed.

      Until the command is complete, "Not available" is displayed.

    • Output – If the command you issued (for example, Get Log) supports file output, you can click the Download link to download the output file for the command.
  4. (Optional) In Commands History, click Cancel Pending Commands to cancel all pending commands for the device.