Creating Users and Assigning User Roles

Create Edge Manager users and assign roles according to the tasks the user must perform.

About this task


  1. In the left navigation pane, click User Manager.
  2. In the User Manager page, click Action > Create.
  3. In the Create User dialog, enter the user's information, select the user's role, and click Create.
    • User Name – Name of the user.
      Note: The user name cannot contain spaces or special characters other than the following:
      • + (plus sign)
      • \ (backslash)
      • - (hyphen)
      • _ (underscore)
      • . (period)
      • @ (at sign)
      • ' (single quote)
      • ! (exclamation point)
    • Email – Valid email address for the user.
    • Password – Password for the user.
    • Confirm Password – Re-enter the password you assigned to the user.

      When the user logs in the first time, they are prompted to change their password.

    • Role – Select a role for the user:
      • Administrator – Administrative access and permissions. Administrators can create groups, import devices, create users, and assign roles to users, and change user passwords.
      • Operator – Operators can access all the same functionality as the administrator, except for User Manager.
      • Technician – Can access the Settings page, which displays the certificate enrollment URL.
      • Viewer – Can view all the Edge Manager pages, except for User Manager, but has limited ability to perform actions.

      See About User Manager for more information about user roles.

    Note: You can assign multiple roles to a user.
    Note: You cannot make changes to your own user role when you are logged in with that role.
    The new user appears in the user list.