4. RAMPSOAK: Faceplate

About this task

A Ramp/Soak function block generates an output over time, based on a user-specified profile.

The profile consists of ten ramp/soak segments.

Each segment consists of a:


  1. Soak value (target)
  2. Ramp rate
  3. Soak-time

    The output of the ramp/soak block is typically a temperature setpoint for a process.

    The RAMPSOAK faceplate allows operators to interface with the profile and, if necessary, modify it.

    Click a tab button to display and review features for each RAMPSOAK faceplate frame.

    RAMPSOAK Faceplate: Main FrameRAMPSOAK Faceplate: Details FrameRAMPSOAK Faceplate: Trend Frame