3. ALARM_D: Alarm Properties

About this task

Three alarm properties can be set for a Process Systems ALARM_D point alarm.

  • (Alarm Viewer) Help file.
  • Printer repeat
  • Maximum stacked


  1. Select a Process Systems ALARM_D point alarm in the Workbench right pane.

    Note: An existing Process Systems alarm can also be modified through its Point Properties dialog box; however, an alarm cannot be created for a point that does not have one.

  2. Open the Process Systems alarm's Alarm Definition dialog box.
  3. Select the Alarm tab.

    The Help file field is available to enter a name of a customized Alarm Viewer help file.

  4. Select the Alarm Options tab.

    Values for the following features can be edited..

    A Maximum stacked.
    B Printer repeat.