3.2. PID: Mimic Object Runtime Data

Mimic objects that are available for the PPS PID block are as follows.

Note: A runtime user can open the PID faceplate through any object. However, the exact data that the mimic object displays depends on which object is being used.
PID: VLV Top 2 BottomPID: VLV Right 2 LeftPID: VLV Left 2 RightPID: VLV ISA Vertical_RPID: VLV ISA Vertical_LPID: VLV ISA HorizontalPID: VLV Flanged VerticalPID: VLV Flanged HorizontalPID: Louver Vertical FlowPID: Louver Horizontal FlowPID: GenericPID: Damper Vertical FlowPID: Damper Horizontal FlowPID: Adjustable Speed Drive
Adjustable Speed Drive
Damper Horizontal Flow
Damper Vertical Flow
Louver Horizontal Flow
Louver Vertical Flow
VLV Flanged Horizontal
VLV Flanged Vertical
VLV ISA Horizontal
VLV ISA Vertical_L
VLVISA Vertical_R
VLV Left 2 Right
VLV Right 2 Left
VLV Top 2 Bottom