2. MANUAL_SP: Object Properties

Open an Object Properties dialog box for an object with an MANUAL_SP class ID.

The tabs in the Object dialog box are:

  • MANUAL_SP General.
  • MANUAL_SP HMI Properties.


The Object dialog box General tab provides data that precisely identifies the MANUAL_SP object.

Note: The Description field is the only Read/Write field on the General tab.

MANUAL_SP HMI Properties

Each PPS function block has HMI properties.

When an Object dialog box is opened for a selected object, the values for these properties:

  • Can be defined in the Object dialog box.
  • Will display on the faceplate when it is first opened and as long as they are not changed.
  • (Some properties) May  be changed by faceplate users who have a role with the required level.

The HMI properties required for the HMI Manual Setpoint block are as follows.

Field Description Data Type Restrictions
Label Object identification. String
Precision Number of digits displayed to the right of the decimal point. Integer 7 Digits
Resource CIMPLICITY resource. String 16 Characters or less
Engineering Units Manual Setpoint's Engineering Units. String 8 Characters or less
Pushbutton Rate The rate at which the output (OP) is incremented or decremented when a mimic object  or faceplate button is clicked. REAL Greater than zero.