2. DI: Object Properties

Open an Object Properties dialog box for an object with an DI class ID.

The tabs in the Object dialog box are:

  • DI General.
  • DI HMI Properties.

DI General

The Object dialog box General tab provides data that precisely identifies the DI object.

Note: The Description field is the only Read/Write field on the General tab.

DI HMI Properties

Each PPS function block has HMI properties.

When an Object dialog box is opened for a selected object, the values for these properties:

  • Can be defined in the Object dialog box.
  • Will display on the faceplate when it is first opened and as long as they are not changed.
  • (Some properties) May  be changed by faceplate users who have a role with the required level.

The HMI properties required for the PPS Discrete Input block are as follows.

Field Description Data Type Restrictions
False State Text displayed when ST = 0. String
Label Object Identification. String
Resource CIMPLICITY resource. String 16 Characters or less
True State Text displayed when ST = 1. String