1. PPS Alarm Viewer Data

The PPS Alarm Viewer displays the following information about the listed alarms.

Field Description
Date Date the alarm was triggered.
Default MMM DD
Time Time the alarm was triggered.
Default HH:MM:SS AM/PM
Ack Y The alarm has been acknowledged.
N The alarm is not acknowledged.
Important: When an acknowledged PPS alarm is logged, the user name, AMGEN, will always be logged, not the actual CIMPLICITY user who acknowledged the alarm.
Alarm ID Alarm ID
Resource ID CIMPLICITY resource
State States are one of the following.
  • Normal.
  • Alarm.
Severity A number:
  • Is assigned to each of the alarm's states, e.g. High, Warning High, Warning Low and Low.
  • Indicates the alarm's severity
  • Establishes a priority for the listed alarms.
Alarms with a higher severity number have a higher priority, unless there is a special circumstance that overrides the default priority.
Message Message that was assigned to the alarm during configuration.
  • Since the PPS Alarm Viewer is a customized CIMPLICITY Alarm Viewer control, it can display different language and fonts. Font selection is the same as it is for the CIMPLICITY Alarm Viewer control.
  • The columns that are described are the default columns provided with the PPS Alarm Viewer. If the columns in your PPS Alarm Viewer are different consult your system administrator for more details.