Step 3. Display Class Object Graphics in CimEdit/CimView


  1. Make sure the project is running.
  2. Open a CimEdit screen.

    The CimEdit screen can either be a new or existing screen.

  3. Drag a class object onto the CimEdit screen.

    The following happens.

    A The default graphic for the class displays.
    B CimEdit functionality (e.g. Ungroup, Open Group) is disabled.

    Enter Class object Specifications

    Limited changes can be assigned to the graphic object.

    Right-click the CimEdit class object.

    Popup Menu Options

    The Graphic objects are listed on the Popup menu that  included in the CimEdit screen that is assigned to the class.

    Select any listed object to replace the object that is currently selected.

    Properties Dialog Box Options

  4. Right-click the class object graphic.
  5. Select Properties from the Popup menu.

    The Properties - Class Object dialog box opens.

  6. Select Class Object.

    Class object options are as follows.

    Option Description
    Project Project with which the class object is associated.
    Class ID Class that contains the CimEdit graphic (read-only).
    Object ID Selected class object (read/write). The ID for any object in the class can be selected if you want to associate the graphic with a different object from the one dragged onto the CimEdit screen.
    Note: Click the Browse button to the right of the Object ID field to display a list of all of the objects in the class.
    Graphic Name Selected class object graphic (read/write). Any graphic from the source CimEdit screen can  be selected if you want to use a class graphic that is different from the default.
    Apply Important: Clicking Apply updates the $OBJECT variable to the new value. The $OBJECT variable, which was created during class object configuration, is read-only on the Variables tab in the Class Object dialog box.

    Result: The graphic will adhere to your specifications as follows:

  7. During runtime the graphic will represent the values of the selected class object.
  8. The graphic wills change to the graphic you selected, if it is different from the default, as soon as you close the Properties - Class Object dialog box.