Step 2. Open the Machine Edition InfoViewer Window


  1. Make sure your project is checked into the Change Management server.
  2. Do one of the following.
    • Workbench Log On
    A Click Edit>Properties on the Workbench menu bar.
    B Click the Properties button on the Workbench toolbar.
    C In the Workbench left pane:
    1. Right-click Change Management.
    2. Select Properties on the Popup menu.
    D In the Workbench right pane, double click Change Management.
    E Press Alt+Enter on the keyboard.
    • Windows Start Menu
    1. Click Start on the Workbench task bar.
    2. Machine Edition on the Start menu.


    (Windows 7) The selection is Proficy>Machine Edition.

    Result: A Change Management Log On dialog box opens when you use either method.

  3. Right-click Change Management.
  4. Select Properties on the Popup menu.
  5. Enter the following.
    Field Description
    Username Authorized Change Management server user name.
    Password Valid password for authorized user.
    Server Change Management server. Note: The server name can be typed in or selected from the drop-down list.
  6. Click OK.


A Machine Edition InfoViewer window opens.