Computer Project in the Workbench: Managed Files Overview

When a Computer project is managed, the Workbench entities can be added, checked in or checked out as part of the base configuration or as individually managed files, as follows.

The following table identifies the category when an icon is right-clicked in the Workbench left pane.

Entity Base Individual NM
System Log X
Computer Parameters Computer Parameters X
Managed Files Managed Files X
System Sentry System Sentry X
Options Options X
(ME) Change Management X
FirstPAGE Administrator FirstPAGE Administrator X

Table headings are:

Base Base configuration.
Individual Files in the selected node's right pane are individually managed
NM Not managed.
  • Other files, e.g. Class export files, *.soc, are not listed in the Workbench so they are not included in this table.
  • Files that are individually managed in your system configuration are listed (and available) inthe project's Managed Files folder .