Case 3.2. Project not Acceptable after Configuration Changes

1 Case description.
2 Recommended procedure

Case Description

  • The project is developed on a test bed and deployed in production.
  • Requirements are revised.
  • Change Management project management recommended procedure are followed to ensure all data is always on the Change Management server.
  • Production starts.
  • Problems are noted

Recommended Procedure


Make sure that all configuration applications are closed and remain closed through this process.


  1. Stop the production project.
  2. Right-click Project in the Workbench.
  3. Select Manage>Show History on the Popup menu.
  4. Select the labeled version of the project that was running successfully
  5. Click Get to get that version
  6. Delete any files that were added from the local project.
  7. Modify any non-CIMPLICITY configuration changes that were made to support the requirements change.

Note: You may need to delete saved runtime information (e.g. SAVED_POINT files).

  1. Use project management best practices to ensure that the current version of the managed project matches the production system project.
  2. Start the production project.