Alarm Cast Client Glossary


Typically a GUI application, this component facilitates configuration and monitoring of a server engine. If changes are made to the server configuration the administrator notifies the engine to reload its running configuration either automatically or on user demand. An example of an administrator component is Alarm Cast Administrator.  This administrator allows you to maintain the Alarm Cast server's engine configuration.

Administrator Kit

An administrator kit contains the product's administration component only.  After installing this kit on a workstation you may utilize any of the features of the Administrator component.


A client component utilizes the facilities of a standard server.  Typically a GUI application, this component provides a user-friendly interface of the available services offered by the server engine. An example of a client tool would be Alarm Cast Client, which presents the user with a list of known messaging destinations and allows them to send messages to one or more destinations.

Common Message

Frequently used text messages that may be used to send out common or broadcast messages.


An Alarm Cast Server destination is a name assigned to a messaging location to which text messages may be delivered. e.g. SCOTTS_PAGER, KENS_PHONE, JIMS_EMAIL.

Distribution List

An Alarm Cast Server distribution list is a collection of destinations that can be sent a message with a single transaction. Similar to an e-mail distribution list a client that initiates a transaction with a distribution list will automatically send the same message to all associated destinations.


Similar to a deferred page, allowing the user to set a schedule to send pages daily, weekly, monthly or yearly as well as the range of the recurrence.

Server Kit

A server kit typically contains the server engine and administrator components. In some cases a client component is also included with this kit. The server kit is usually installed on a centralized host, and one or more clients or gateways utilize this server. An example of a server kit is Alarm Cast Server. This kit contains the Alarm Cast engine, administrator and client.


The life cycle of every Alarm Cast message sent, allowing the user to see the current status of a message:  Sent, Pending or Failure.