Alarm Cast Administrator - Key Features

CIMPLICITY Alarm Cast is a high volume message processing engine that can be coupled with any combination of Alarm Cast auxiliary products to have messages dispatched from any application. It is easy to use in an operational setting and includes a full suite of flexible administration tools, all accessible remotely.

The Alarm Cast messaging engine is a standardized interface between personal communication devices and applications sending messages through either an internal paging service and/or external service providers. Alarm Cast Server maintains a database of all destinations, the addressing information of the device and the associated service provider connection information. This database can be shared with any application allowing messages to be dispatched from any part of the organization.

Key Alarm Cast Features:

  • Simple, efficient installation wizards make for easy installation.
  • Supports personal messaging groups (i.e. distribution lists).
  • User-friendly maintenance of Devices, Providers, Destinations, Distribution Lists, Groups, Modems, etc.
  • Unlimited messaging groups and destinations.
  • Detailed transaction logging and viewing of these logs.
  • Allows the administrator to import modem manufacturer modem definition files.
  • Compatible with in-house paging systems.
  • Supports serial modems, direct connections, TCP/IP sockets and terminal servers.
  • Dispatches 60+ pages/minutes per modem.
  • Dispatches 10000+ pages/minute via direct connections
  • Online re-configuration of any engine setting or device/provider configuration.
  • Concurrent device/modem support allows for extreme message throughput (i.e. 1,000,000 + pages per 8 hour day).