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Utilities Communications

Delivering fast, reliable and secure communications solutions enabling high availability for mission critical applications

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Utilities Communications solutions | GE Digital

Operate and manage your grid with best in class communication solutions

Utilities Communications Overview
Utilities Communications Overview
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Overcoming new challenges

Power Utilities are facing new challenges in their communication networks that need to be considered when implementing or refurbishing Operational Communication Networks:


  • Huge increase in operational data volume reflecting increased intelligence in the grid
  • Change of scale in network size and complexity necessitating new processes and new tools to maintain the network in operation
  • Multiplication of new technologies in the communication network
  • Cyber security threats 


GE’s Utilities Communications portfolio delivers communications across the grid. Operating globally, we provide reliable solutions, technical expertise, and project execution capabilities to meet your communication needs, enabling a high level of service availability for mission critical applications.

Digital Energy Accelerates Your Time to Value

Reliable Communication Enables Grid Intelligence

+ 70 years of experience

Leverage GE’s knowledge, technical expertise, and project execution capabilities to transform your communication network. Respond to new grid requirements, through a smooth and phased transition, conserving existing investments, all with no operational service interruption.

Improving security

Maintain the integrity of your communications services by combining multiple isolation levels across a dedicated, private telecom network solution.

Turnkey responsibility

Bring together legacy, 3rd party and GE technologies into a single network, and benefit from GE’s extensive project, application and industry experience to deliver complex integrations.

Translate data into intelligence

Improve telecom network reliability and gain increased visibility in order to make informed decisions without compromising operational integrity.

Master network complexity

Unlock GE’s resources and skills to design and deploy mission critical operational telecom networks with intelligent operational tools, allowing error-free site configuration and commissioning without in-depth knowledge of telecom technologies.

Deliver performance and reliability

GE’s Utilities Communication solutions are designed to meet severe performance and very high reliability requirements of Power Utilities’ mission-critical applications while providing operational flexibility and efficiency.

Complete, consistent, cost effective and high-performance systems

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Manufacturing and Service Excellence

A Complete Portfolio for Mission Critical Communications

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Network Service & Management

GE’s Sentinel delivers a management solution for the monitoring and control of multi-layer operations networks and services, bringing greater efficiency and productivity, and assuring mission critical applications through enhanced monitoring of communication services and infrastructures.

Protection & Control Communications | GE

Protection & Control Communications

Prompt, dependable and secure transmission of commands and control signals across the grid. GE’s Gridcom is a versatile interface between the electrical substation and telecom network, bringing benefits such as low cost of ownership, easy and secure remote access, as well as advanced monitoring functionality.

Wide Area Optical Transport Networks | GE

Wide Area Optical Transport Networks

GE’s Gridcom DXC suite of products offer hybrid platforms to enable aggregation and transport of all operational services over optical fibers, bringing reliable and fast communication for the continuous operation of power delivery systems and mission critical operational services.

HV Power Line Communications: GE

HV Power Line Communications

GE’s Gridcom T390 integrated system, combines high performance and flexibility allowing utilities to reliably and efficiently transmit voice, data, teleprotection and any other operational services over HV transmission lines.


Reason S20 | GE Digital | Smart Grid Communications

Smart Grid Communications

Flexible, cost effective, and robust communication solutions, providing reliable coverage for Distribution and DER applications over wired and wireless media, suitable for wide area mission-critical automation and control applications, and designed for use in harsh industrial environments.

GE Training and Support for Utilities

Training, Consulting and Support

Optimize network reliability, up-time and performance with GE’s Utilities Communications comprehensive services offering to help successfully deploy and maintain equipment and business solutions globally. These services include:


Technical training

Extensive series of courses tailored to power utility needs


Network consulting

Expert assistance for the definition of target networks and migration paths


Maintenance and support

Field maintenance and customer support through world-wide network of telecom dedicated technical skills


Commissioning and testing

Design, installation, testing and optimization for communication solutions


Engineering and integration

Technical expertise to deliver custom solutions