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Electric Utilities

GridOS® Disruption Management Webinar

GridOS® Disruption Management  | GE Digital Webinar

Utilities face power outages, downtime costs, community safety, and low customer satisfaction due to severe weather events and other disruptions such as wildfires. Additionally, climate change and population growth are making the cost of such disruptions and their impact on customers a bigger risk for utilities. Managing severe weather and other disruptions requires good forecasting, planning, real-time power flow management and restoration execution. To meet these needs, utilities need to manage end-to-end the impact from severe weather events and disruptions, while limiting downtime, lowering cost, improving safety, and satisfying customers.

In this webinar, learn how to manage disruptions by:

  • Better planning for outages by applying predictive analytics and granular forecasts to identify highest risk areas / assets on network
  • Viewing network data, assessing, reporting asset damage, and estimating time to restore
  • Rapidly expanding outage response workforce during times of intense activity by augmenting the existing control center staff
  • Enabling outage staff to focus on high-priority, high-impact outages while off-loading much of the routine outage and crew management work
  • Procuring, allocating, dispatching, tracking, managing and settling with contract resources to repair storm damage

Additionally, also learn about how to integrate proactive vegetation management into your disruption workflow for better impact results due to trees not falling during storms.


Webinar Speakers:

David Bloom
Product Management
GE Vernova

Tom Rostek
Product Management
GE Vernova

Doug Phillips
Product Marketing
GE Vernova