Public Policy


GE approaches public policy through education, engagement, involvement and thought leadership. We inform discussions by promoting thoughtful civil discourse grounded in strong, reasoned analysis. We work in partnership with governments, believing that tackling the world’s biggest problems is possible only if governments and industry work together as partners.

Trade Organization and 501(c)4 Disclosure

On a semi-annual basis, GE voluntarily provides a list of 501(c)6 trade organizations to which GE paid $50K or more and the non-deductible amount.  Also included are payments to 501(c)4 organizations. 

General Electric

Government Business

GE does business with federal, state and local governments, as well as with government contractors.

GE’s compliance and integrity culture places us in an excellent position to pursue and perform work compliantly for governments and government contractors. But we don’t just rely on our culture; we continue to emphasize with our employees and executives, how working with governments is unique and requires special attention.

General Electric