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We are committed to transforming our communities and shaping the diverse workforce of tomorrow by leveraging the power of GE

General Electric

GE Foundation is committed to inspiring the next generation of engineers to build a world that works.

Next Engineers

Engineers build worlds. All kinds of worlds. Worlds that haven’t even been thought of yet. That’s why we created Next Engineers for the next generation of curious minds. Next Engineers is a global college- and career- readiness program focused on increasing the diversity of young people in engineering. With programs in four cities – Cincinnati, Ohio, and Greenville, South Carolina, in the U.S., along with Johannesburg, South Africa, and Stafford, U.K. – GE is committed to providing the resources that will inspire the next generation of engineers and innovators, wherever their careers take them.

General Electric

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GE Foundation Grant Supports Kentucky Flood Survivors

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Workforce diversity

The GE Foundation is committed to developing a pipeline of diverse and well-trained workers. Across the U.S., the GE Foundation is helping to create more equitable access to opportunities for science, technology, engineering, and mathematics (STEM) education as well as help minority-owned companies compete for business with larger enterprises. In Massachusetts, we are working to address the advanced manufacturing skills gap across the North Shore.

General Electric

Programs and Contributions

Disaster & Humanitarian Relief

GE's Disaster & Humanitarian Relief program responds to major global disaster & humanitarian crises.

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The GE Foundation & Corporate Contributions

GE is committed to transparency in our philanthropy.

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GE Volunteers

GE Volunteers improve life & meet critical needs in communities where GE people live and work.

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GE Foundation matching gifts program

The GE Foundation created the concept of a corporate matching gift program in 1954. The program supports employees in their personal philanthropy/charitable giving by providing a 1:1 match. Today, the GE Foundation Matching Gifts Program continues to serve as an important element of the Foundation’s portfolio, with gifts matched totaling over $1.5 billion since inception. Learn more here.

General Electric

GE STAR Awards

GE Foundation established the GE STAR Awards program in 1984 to provide competitive scholarships to children of eligible GE employees around the world. Since then, more than 15,000 awards have been given worldwide, totaling more than $21 million. The winners are chosen based on their academic record, extracurricular activities and community service and personal experiences and goals as described in personal essays.

General Electric

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Sustainability at core

With a focus on lean, we are making progress to succeed in our goals

Innovating technology to lift up quality of life around the world.

Our diverse portfolio and legacy enable us to make substantial impact on people and the planet for the better.

Humility, transparency, and focus… always with unyielding integrity – form the foundation of our culture.

The GE Foundation is committed to transforming our communities and shaping the diverse workforce of tomorrow.

GE approaches public policy through education, engagement, involvement and thought leadership.

GE is committed to transparency. Find all disclosures in our Reports Hub to learn more on how we’re working on social responsibility.

The GE Foundation is an independent charitable organization funded by GE.