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Augmented Reality

Augmented Reality

Imagine a world where relevant information is pervasively materialized in an immersive 3D world that coexists with your reality. That is the promise of Augmented Reality (AR), and in this mission, we sought to show how this can transform an industrial ecosystem. The mission started with the idea that by blending AR with computer vision and machine learning, a system could be developed where you could continuously learn an industrial process from observation, and then use the learning to give real-time validation and feedback in AR. This enables capturing and sharing of tribal knowledge, as well as allows the possibility of gig economy for industrial workers.

Though the mission started there, it was a wild and twisty ride of exploration throughout the year culminating in a demonstration fusing augmented and virtual reality. This is a re-imagination of teleportation where both collocated and remote peers can meet and collaborate in 3D.

  • Our Expertise

    Capabilities utilized for Augmented Reality project

  • Software Development

    Innovating software solutions in alignment with Agile & FastWorks principles to aid business digital transformation journeys

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  • Industrial Software

    Bringing robust software development practices to interdisciplinary engineering teams to realize faster and more profitable outcomes

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  • Human System Interaction

    Researching and developing intelligent, natural user interfaces and visual analytic techniques to enhance and enrich interactions between humans and AI

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  • Machine Learning

    Developing and scaling machine learning solutions for industrial applications to facilitate continuous learning, adaptation and improvement in dynamic operating environments

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