Ying Zhou

PhD, Analytical Chemistry (University at Albany) BS, Chemistry (Fudan University)

Ying is a Principal Scientist for Material Characterization. She holds a Ph.D degree in Analytical Chemistry and has been at GE Research for 16 years.

She specializes in using material characterization to solve industrial research and manufacturing problem. Trained as a chemical analysis expert, Ying has extended her horizon to other fields such as CT 3D volumetric analysis. She is experienced in various material systems such as metals, ceramics, and composites particularly ceramic matrix composites.

Her passion is learning new things and figuring out why things work or don't work. In her current role, she leads multi-disciplinary Characterization team to develop innovative characterization methods for material composition-structure-property relationship elucidation and supporting GE Business supply chain activities such as material and equipment qualification.  

I love coming to work everyday knowing that I will be working on something new, whether it is trouble shooting a manufacturing process issue or studying a new material that is being development. My job is connecting the dots to solve real world problems, THAT is priceless for me.

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